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Women in Technology Society

Women in Tech Society (WITS) strives to build a pipeline for women to enter and succeed within the tech industry. We empower forward-thinking women to rapidly learn, test new skills, and gain valuable experiences through our events. Our inclusive community allows women to share wisdom and key industry insights with each. More so, we aim women with resources, opportunities and mentors to achieve success, levelling the playing fields for all women+ to come.


Working with the WITS team has been one of the most life-changing experiences. The WITS community really encouraged me to take the leap of faith and pursue my interests in product design. WITS provided me with the opportunities to do what I love the most: create delightful human-centred experiences.


During my time at WITS, I've had the opportunity to further develop WITS's brand, including redesigning the logo. In my role, I ensured brand identity was consistent across 6 communication platforms, 5 events, and our annual hackathon, SheHacks.



VP of Design


Estelle Chung, Jenny Tran, Jenny Cai, and myself

A growing design system

Pick a card to see how WITS has grown from year to year!

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