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RISE is the alarm/pager reimagined. Built at DubHacks 2019, my team and I created this app as a last resort from previously scrapping many, many, many, bad ideas. 

The app was inspired by our efforts to wake up at 5AM and collectively call each other to be ready for our road trip to Seattle for DubHacks 2019. Or to put it another way, have you ever received a notification from someone asking you to wake them up? People usually feel a bit more reassured if they know that there are others who are aware that they might oversleep. There can be situations such as the following when this is warranted:

  • You have an important conference with business leaders tomorrow morning

  • You have a speech to give in the morning

  • You have a bus to catch

  • You and your friends have made a pact to study coding questions together from dawn til dusk

  • You're going to the gym and you are really determined to wake up

  • You have an exam for which you have to wake up at 6 AM and you are aware that you would not be able to sleep early the night before (because you're pulling an all-nighter)

  • You just have to, have to, have to wake up!

  • There will be great losses if you don’t wake up

    • (The world depends on you waking up)



Product Designer


Figma, Illustrator, and  Zeplin


Jason Chong, Gordon Leung, and myself

What it does

Allows three things

  • Create a group alarm and track whether others stopped/snoozed the alarm

  • Allows users to input phone numbers that are notified when there is a failure to stop the alarm

  • Notify the user when the user enters a certain location radius (Entered Chicago!

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